Expert Cleaning of Carpets and Rugs

Trust McFarland’s experts to clean your fine rugs and carpets, because we have over 60 years of experience, and offer the most comprehensive Oriental rug cleaning service in Phoenix and throughout the valley.  We specialize in the cleaning of Persian, Navajo, Oriental, Turkish, Pakistani, and Chinese rugs, whether antique, semi-antique or new. 

All our carpet and rug cleaning is done on-site, in our own facility, right here in Phoenix, using the most modern and safe carpet cleaning processes available.  We pride ourselves in offering the most complete carpet and rug cleaning available, and all at affordable prices.  Cleaning your carpets properly enhances their look and value.

Generally, pricing is by the square foot, so please call us now for an Instant Phone Quote: 602 244 9329.

Did you know that we clean carpets for a large majority of the dry cleaners in Phoenix and throughout the valley?  If you’ve given your carpets to your dry cleaner for cleaning in the past, chances are, we were actually the company which cleaned them, and you likely paid 40% more for the processing, by including your dry cleaner in the process.

Choose us because we pick up & deliver your rugs for cleaning and repair!

For your convenience, we offer pick up and delivery of your rugs for a nominal fee.  We always send two people when we pick up your rug, in order to be able to move furniture, and remove the rug with minimum disturbance for our customers.  That notwithstanding, we offer a discount if you bring your carpet in yourself.

Some details about the cleaning process for rugs and carpets

Each oriental rug or carpet is unique.  We begin the process by separating your carpets by type, such as Persian rug, Navajo rug, Oriental carpet, Turkish rug, Pakistani carpet, and Chinese rug, as well as by age, color fastness, and thickness.  We treat and clean each rug or carpet individually, to ensure thorough cleaning, without damaging the rug’s fibers and colors. 

We are experienced at dealing with the many kinds of problems your carpets may have encountered.  To achieve perfect and safe cleaning results, your rugs will be tested for color fastness before we wash them. If your carpet fails the test, and the colors are likely tobleed, then we will use special methods like dry cleaning or extraction.  Before we wash, we also check to see if there are areas on the rug more soiled, or if there are any stains on the rug. If so, we pre-treat these areas.

We are experts at removing stains, using many different special products, but please understand that not all stains can be removed, as they may have permanently changed the colors of the fabric, particularly wool.  We are also experts at removing past color run.   If the rug smells or has pet odor, we will neutralize the odor in the rug.

In general most rugs and carpets go through the following cleaning process: First, as much dust as possible is removed from the rugs, by putting them through a special rug duster. Then the carpets are washed by hand, and depending on the type, completely submersed and soaked in water.  Depending on material and age, all carpets are cleaned using different products.  Where applicable, we use an acid rinse to set colors and neutralize.  The rugs are then rinsed carefully front and back.   After this thorough cleaning, the carpets are put through a special roller wringer, which gives them a final rinse and removes as much water as possible, in order to facilitate the drying process.  The rugs are then hung to dry in a warehouse drying room.

We also offer moth proofing or fabric protection for your carpets or rugs, upon request.  To protect your investment in your Persian or Navajo rugs, and for your rug to last generation after generation, please call us to schedule a pick-up or for more information: 602 244 9329.

No one cleans carpets better than you. After touring your cleaning and drying facilities, I understand why. Thank you.

Christopher L