Complete Stock of Carpets and Rugs at close to wholesale prices

All the Rugs, without the Rug Merchant!

We now offer a complete collection of fine area rugs to the general public at close to wholesale prices.  Why pay retail prices for fine carpets?  Why be harassed by a rug merchant while browsing for carpets?  Come visit our rug warehouse showroom at 508 N 24th Street here in Phoenix.  Our prices are fixed at no nonsense amounts, and we’ll assist . . . but only when you request assistance.

Our stock includes gorgeous Persian carpets, Navajo carpets, Oriental carpets, Turkish carpets, Pakistani carpets, and Chinese carpets, including antique carpets, semi-antique carpets and new carpets, all at close to wholesale prices.  Visiting our retail showroom is like being in an art museum.  Luxurious hand-made carpet artifacts from around the world are displayed in a no nonsense warehouse atmosphere.  People come from all over the Scottsdale and Phoenix area to marvel at our huge collection of one-of-a-kind rugs and carpets from around the world featuring original designs and gorgeous color combinations. No matter what your decorating style, you can find a carpet to enhance your décor in our store!

And of course, we deliver too!  Questions about whether a specific size and type are in stock??  Call now at 602 244 9329.

I have never had my Oriental carpets cleaned so beautifully before. They look like new. Thank you.

John B