About our Company and Management

McFarland’s Carpet Service has been family owned and operated since 1947.  We offer the most comprehensive fine rug and carpet cleaning and rug repair and restoration services in Phoenix and throughout the valley with over 60 years of expertise and experience.

The company is still owned by Mike Manguso and managed by his grandson, John Mondotte, along with qualified team members. We are involved in every aspect of the day to day business. Our livelihoods as well as a significant portion of our equity is invested in the company, making us committed to providing the highest level of service to each and every customer.

All our cleaning and restoration services are performed on-site here in Phoenix AZ, and we are involved in managing all aspects of these processes.  We personally train all apprentice technicians, and ensure that each one of them is fully qualified before we allow him or her to touch an expensive rug.

We also man the close to wholesale rug sales warehouse, so don’t worry about meeting a pressure salesperson.  If you’re looking for fine rugs sold directly to the public, including Persian, Navajo, Oriental, Turkish, Pakistani, and Chinese rugs, then come browse our warehouse showroom at 508 N. 24th Street.  Ask to take a tour of our cleaning and repair facilities if you wish.  For more information, or to receive a Quick Phone Quote for cleaning or repairing your fine rugs or carpets, please phone us at 602 244 9329.

Thank you for helping us pick the perfect Oriental rug for our dining room. I appreciate your even making a home visit to make sure we got the perfect rug!

Emily D